(Not currently accepting commissions)
(Not currently accepting commissions)
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==Not currently accepting commissions==
==Not currently accepting commissions==
As explicitly stated on their Tumblr pages:
*anotherwellkeptsecret (as of Dec 14, 2013)
*archiaart (as of Dec 14, 2013)
*ivorylungs (as of Dec 14, 2013)
*p-chi (as of Dec 14, 2013)
*taikova (as of Dec 14, 2013)
==Latest activity==
==Latest activity==

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Welcome to the Sherlock Fanart Commissions Wiki

A central place to keep track of which Sherlockian fanartists are currently taking commissions.

Please help keep this up to date!

How to contribute to this page

Feel free to list any fanartist (including yourself) who accepts Sherlockian fanart commissions (BBC or any other Sherlockian fandom).  List the way to contact them for a commission, and any info you have about pricing, types of commissions they take, etc.

There's also a separate list at the bottom for artists who sometimes accept commissions, but whose commissions are currently closed.

If you have any additional info that doesn't fit in one of these tables -- if you want to give more information about a particular artist, or you want to create your own sublist for a particular type of fanart, please feel free to start a new page on this wiki!

Currently accepting commissions  

artist contact pricing notes
voodooling $15 (chibi), $20-$25 full body

limited number of spots available:

msaether To get in touch: Paypal:  $10-$35

Not currently accepting commissions

As explicitly stated on their Tumblr pages:

  • anotherwellkeptsecret (as of Dec 14, 2013)
  • archiaart (as of Dec 14, 2013)
  • ivorylungs (as of Dec 14, 2013)
  • p-chi (as of Dec 14, 2013)
  • taikova (as of Dec 14, 2013)

Latest activity

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